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Posted By: Rob Naylor
11-Dec-14 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: Folk Clubs and attracting younger people
Subject: RE: Folk Clubs and attracting younger people may well disappear, or at least atrophy to a small "stump", but I'm not necessarily too worried about that.

I remember in the 60s a lot of pubs had pianos in them and quite often you'd hear impromptu singing sessions as someone started bashing the keys. They disappeared by the early 70s, and I suspect a lot of the older folk here were in the "young guard" then who were actively trying to do something different to gathering around a piano singing "my old man said follow the van", and the nascent folk club members of the period weren't too worried about bar pianos gradually dying out.

What I was taking issue with was the idea that young people these days are "passive consumers" rather than active participants when what I see around me is something very different, with as many young people as ever making and enjoying live music.

Folk clubs as such, and even most folk festivals, may eventually be subsumed into different ways of live music being propagated, and may even become a sub-genre of "something else"....but that's change for you!