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Posted By: The Sandman
11-Dec-14 - 04:29 PM
Thread Name: Folk Clubs and attracting younger people
Subject: RE: Folk Clubs and attracting younger people
he is rarely discussed on mudcat,because like Pooter in The Diary of a Nobody, he is inconsequential and of little interest. I mean just look at these stupid generalisations, i quote
"I found myself wondering why this is so unusual, in this country anyway, and wishing that there were lots more of these. Not a 'session' where the players play for themselves and ignore civilians. Not a folk club where you have to sit in rows and people 'Shhhh' if you dare talk. Not a ceilidh where you're often made to feel like an outcast if you don't want to dance but just enjoy the music. Not a gig where as a performer you feel duty bound to entertain."
I mean whats this crap about ignoring "civilians" he is very cleverly trying to insinuate that people who enjoy playing music in sessions are somehow part of an army, and then we have shite about performers feeling duty bound to entertain, good performers enjoy entertaining, that is what performance is about., and then this crap generalising about folk clubs.
Vic, you ran a folk club for many years do you think this anti folk club generalised drivel is a correct description? please answer honestly,
   in my opinion folk clubs are places where people go to listen specifically to a certain kind of music, they do not go there to treat it as wallpaper music or inconsequential background music, to treat lyrics as inconsequential background drivel shows a lack of respect.,
you see Anderson contradicts himself, on the one hand he appears to not like the fact that presumably he went to a session and got no attention and went unrecognised[ IAN.. fame is ephemeral] and that the musicians were according to him ignoring the civilans and not entertaining, on the other hand he complains about gigs where people entertain, it seems like Ian Anderson is difficult to please.
Could it be that he has the misfortune to come from Weston Super Mare