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Posted By: GUEST,John P
12-Dec-14 - 06:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
Subject: RE: BS: CIA torturers (God Bless America)
You're still not addressing the point about the US thinking it's a purely internal affair, though.

I'm an American and I certainly don't think this is purely an internal affair. We are very upset right now because a congressional report just came out that details our government's actions, but no one I know thinks it only happens in the US or that it only affects the US. We all knew it was going on at the time and was being done by multiple countries and we all hated it. We all know it's still going on and we still hate it.

Many people seem to think that we're all responsible because it was done in our name. I reject that notion -- torture has never been done in MY name, and I hate the fact that I can't trust the leaders of my country. I hate the fact that everyone I know finds the CIA and all their works abhorrent and that there's nothing we can do about it. Our country, like most countries, is controlled by power-mad greedy killers, and I include many Democrats in that assessment along with, apparently, all but one Republican. And I don't trust John McCain because of most of his other positions.

Anyone who achieves high power or great wealth is not to be trusted because, almost always, in order to achieve those things they have to do things that are reprehensible.