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Posted By: GUEST,Mike L2
16-Dec-14 - 02:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: The reason I stopped watching football (UK)
Subject: RE: BS: The reason I stopped watching football
Hi G Force

<" If it had been a small club, away from home, he would have been sent off no messing. But Chelsea, at home,">.

Too true !! And for ever has it been so. To referees big is beautiful.
I have been a supporter of Man United for many years. When we were "small" and struggling we could never get anything from refs with the likes of Arsenal and other top clubs.

When we started to be a great side and winning may trophies it was different. We got lots of help from refs who for what-ever reason ?? were very generous to say the least. At one stage refs seemed to find it difficult to give crucial decisions against us. Sometimes it was embarrassing.

But I found it the same in Rugby Union. When I played in the lower levels we seldom got decisions against higher teams from referees. When I played in the top levels we always knew we would be looked after by the refs.In those days the Referees Society comprised mainly of members of the major clubs and were responsible for the promotions of referees. So the individual refs tried not to upset the senior sides.