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Posted By: GUEST,Shimrod
19-Dec-14 - 05:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
Subject: RE: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
If you really want to know about evolution, pete (which, of course, you don't - do you?) here's another website you can read as a sane alternative to your favourite redneck, crackpot ones:

Again, I know that you don't want to know this but the Theory of Evolution is based on evidence - not belief. The Theory of Evolution itself evolves as more evidence becomes available (that's true of every scientific theory). Nevertheless, the basic outline of the theory remains the same (inheritance of acquired characteristics etc.) whatever new evidence may come to light. Although you want to believe that the Bible is a source of absolute truth (and you've got no evidence, whatsoever, for that belief) there is no such thing as 'absolute truth' in science.

You should also remember that that if, some day, evidence comes to light to show that evolutionary scientists were wrong all along (unlikely - but you never know) that would say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the truth, or otherwise, of the myths in the Bible (an old book which gullible people have arbitrarily chosen to believe in!).