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Posted By: Bradypus
04-Jan-01 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Airline Nightmare.
Subject: RE: BS: Airline Nightmare.
Here's what happened to me about three weeks ago ...

Long Journey Home

I'm sitting in Tri-Cities Airport
The weather in Bristol is fine
It's bright and it's cold
But I'm bored – I've been told
Just to sit here, wasting my time

Last night we took off for Chicago
Took off after three hours delay
Fifteen minutes to go
O'Hare's covered in snow
Frozen rain, ice, fog – what more to say

So they flew us all back to Tri-Cities
Whether we liked it or nay
Then I queued for an hour
They did all in their power
To route me to London next day

So I tossed and I turned, I was hungry
I was tired, I was tense, didn't sleep
I feel bad, I feel sad
Phoned my wife – she sounds mad
The alarm goes off – bleep bleep bleep bleep

So back to Tri-Cities this morning
No flights to Chicago today
So we'll try Cincinnati
My brain's going batty
And yes, there's another delay

And now Cincinnati's been cancelled
I'm no nearer London, I sigh
Next choice is Atlanta
Some light-hearted banter –
It's better to laugh than to cry

Atlanta's delayed – now it's cancelled
There's a later flight – give it a go
Still the weather here's sunny
It feels rather funny
To sit here delayed by the snow

At last on the flight to Atlanta
No take-off, just walk off again
Air Traffic Delay
Is all they can say
Then finally back on the plane

Atlanta at last – this is progress
Flight to London? At last find the gate
Boarding's late, no surprise
You can see in my eyes
I know that we'll just have to wait

So we sit on the plane for an hour
Then take off! All the waiting is past
I'm just a day late
Family just had to wait
But it's so good to be home at last