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Posted By: Vic Smith
20-Dec-14 - 12:38 PM
Thread Name: New book - Legacies of Ewan MacColl
Subject: RE: New book - Legacies of Ewan MacColl
A fascinating read!
Lots to agree with vigorously, lots to disagree with radically. Lots of interesting points that I would like to know more about. Lots to challenge.....

Let's start with this one. MacColl's antipathy to Bob Dylan has been dealt with in books and magazine articles before, but in this book it is dealt with at length. I must say that his critique that Dylan is seriously over-rated is carefully thought out and well argued.

What I'd like to know is whether MacColl had a good opinion of any of the folk scene's songwriters that he would have been likely to have heard of - R. Thompson. C. Tawney, D. Goulder etc. I mean anyone outside his sphere of influence.
Anyone with any knowledge of this? Bob Blair? Jim Carroll?