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Posted By: Jim Carroll
20-Dec-14 - 01:48 PM
Thread Name: New book - Legacies of Ewan MacColl
Subject: RE: New book - Legacies of Ewan MacColl
As far as I'm aware, h never expressed ann opinion on any of those mentioned, though Cyril was a regular guest at the Singers.
Peggy edited a songbook entitled 'New City Songster' which ran into 20 issues (several hundred songs) and was based on contributions from new and relatively unknown songwriters from all over the English-speaking world - of the top of my head I can remember Eric Bogle, Ed Pickford, Graeme Miles, Pete Smith, Helen Fullerton, Trevor Crozier, John Pole, Claudie Gould, Sheila Douglas, Peter Bellamy, Paul Wilson, Don Minifie, Jack Warshaw, Miles Wooton, Don Lange, Don Perrigrove, Hazel Dickson (a load of Australian songwriters following their Australian tour)....
Will happily provide a fuller list once the 'pah, humbug' season is over - been meaning to index them for a long time
Songwriting was one of the major objectives of The Critics Group throughout its existence.
Jim Carroll