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Posted By: GUEST,Pete from seven stars link
20-Dec-14 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
Subject: RE: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
Seems I did get what snail meant, but whether viewed as concept or observable reality, or as I believe non reality and invalid concept, his challenge still stands, and I endorse it for what it's worth, and till that challenge is met, belief in evolutionism is a nun evidenced faith position.   And what does shimrod do to counter this argument; me to a website ! I could do that too, but I endeavour to frame my own arguments , albeit with input from other sources. But shimrod could do the same....if there is nothing in his own discipline that has any bearing on origins ( !), but rather , it seems to me, prefers to hide behind sources he claims evidence evolutionism. It seems perfectly logical to me, that there is a creator because there is a creation. That is not an argument from ignorance but from observable and experimental simple science.   Everything which is made has a maker, and intelligence can not ,has never been seen to, arise from mere chemicals. Evolutionism can not even account for the simple chemicals arising from nothing, let alone intelligence arising from matter.                         And to conclude with ref to snail saying no one saying they have read the relevant beginning of origins. I did plough through enough of it to read that he, Darwin himself acknowledged that what he was suggesting was open to other interpretations. Which I presume means that he knew it was a concept, and not as definite as some here who say it is real, or true !. ....or are so evangelical in their atheism outright reject creation or intelligent design.