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Posted By: GUEST,Shimrod
21-Dec-14 - 02:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
Subject: RE: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
"or as I believe non reality ..."

Yes, pete, you believe in "non reality" all right!

"And what does shimrod do to counter this argument; me to a website ! I could do that too ..."

As you appear to get all of your 'information' from crackpot, redneck websites, I thought that I would direct you to a sane one! But you prefer to hold on to your FAITH in silly fairy tales, don't you? As I said before, I could tie myself in knots trying to explain evolution to you but you would merely shout I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! (and others would jump on me for any terminological inexactitudes) so, rather than play those games, I think that it's best if you get your information from the 'horse's mouth' - as it were.

"Everything which is made has a maker, and intelligence can not ,has never been seen to, arise from mere chemicals. Evolutionism can not even account for the simple chemicals arising from nothing, let alone intelligence arising from matter."

That demented jumble is so full of wild assumptions and preferred explanations that it's difficult to know where to start! Your particular preferred explanation is that everything was created by the God of the Bible - but that particular creation myth is just one among thousands. In addition, to a questioning mind, the explanation "the God of the Bible did it" is no explanation at all because that questioning mind needs to know where God came from and where he got his materials from. Did he gets his materials from 'nothing', pete? I thought that that, according to you, was 'impossible'?