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Posted By: GUEST,Shimrod
22-Dec-14 - 02:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
Subject: RE: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
"But as far as the bible is concerned creation is the evidence of a creator."

The idea that people create things, therefore everything around us must have been created is an hypothesis based on an analogy - but there is no evidence to support that hypothesis. And why should I believe the old myths in the Bible?

" ... if I note that he admits he could tie himself up in knots explaining evolution !"

I have, in fact, avoided tying myself in knots by pointing you to an authoritative source. I also repeat that I'm more inclined to accept the authority of scientists - who have accumulated copious amounts of evidence over the last century and a half - than I am to accept the authority of a bunch of fundamentalist religious fanatics who have chosen to believe that the myths related in an old book represent the absolute truth.

"His insistence that God has to come from somewhere, or that he needed somewhere to get his materials from, is not the description of the biblical God. His demands merely mean that he rejects God. "

No, I question (rather than absolutely "reject") the authority of the Bible.

"I agree that getting material from nothing is impossible, but as scripture says...what is impossible with men, is possible with God."

That load of pious claptrap answers nothing! I'm not impressed by piety, pete.

" ... I reckon that's a whole lot more logical than everything from nothing without a creator"

There's nothing logical about it - just what you choose to believe!