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Posted By: GUEST,Anne Neilson
22-Dec-14 - 03:30 PM
Thread Name: The Protest Song-A Vanishing Breed?
Subject: RE: The Protest Song-A Vanishing Breed?
I wonder if anyone else thinks that a protest song should first of all be specific, located to a particular event or occasion, in order to make an impact.

And then, when there are enough different arguments being heard in the public domain, would come the time for the over-arching summations which become the anthems for a future, better world.

Seems to me that songs like 'Patience Kershaw', 'The Moving-on Song', 'The Blue Tar Road' etc. have to be the starting point, giving the reality of people's lives with a combination of real detail and emotion. And -- eventually -- from those will come a song which calls for a proper and humane approach to forward planning.
SO, I would say that we need umpteen songs about food banks, work suitability assessments and their effects, fracking, the Bedroom Tax, bankers' bonuses etc. etc. -- in the hope that we will also inspire one song like 'The Freedom Come-All-Ye'.

Having said all that, I have to confess that I have no talent of my own for exposing all the many inequalities of our society, so would like to encourage those creatives to keep forging on -- with a focus on detail and singability.
To me, a fine example would be 'Which Side Are You On?'