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Posted By: Stu
24-Dec-14 - 04:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
Subject: RE: BS: Well, I'm not a scientist...
"So go on, prove me wrong, show me some evolution?"

Is that it Pete? After that ramble you come back to the tactic of constantly repeating this creationist mantra?

"It is easy to acuse and abuse, but not so easy to frame a convincing argument ."

Grow up Pete. Part of your tactic is to treat this not as a debate but a war of attrition. That approach appeals to some of the more belligerent types here who profess their admiration for your 'taking a stand' whilst overlooking your own ability to insult and generalise. More fool the fools.

"In other words a faith position ! Ie you believe that accepted at one time science can be put on hold till something turns up to validate your devotion to evolutionism"

Really? Is that all you've got? After all these threads with links provided (you have to actually read them yourself, no-one can do that for you) you're reduced to trotting out these hackneyed old arguments. Also, best not assume to know my thoughts on this or any other subject Pete, as your assumption is invariably rather wide of the mark.

By the way, my PhD project now includes the evolution of the dinosaur taxa I'm working on. Result!