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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
23-Feb-15 - 09:04 AM
Thread Name: Why Can't I Sing With Wind Instruments?
Subject: RE: Why Can't I Sing With Wind Instruments?
It's possible to play a recorder out of tune, Joe, because the notes are affevted by how hard the player blows, as well as by what fingering is used. I believe you were facing a triple whammy - two bad guitars and a recorder that may have been thrown off tune by them.

When I played recorder at Catholic Masses, the director wanted me to play melody (rather than descants) on the hymns because she believed that the congregation could hear the high, thin sound of the recorder well over the thick, blurry sound of the guitars and the piano accompaniment. We did this for years, and I suspect she was right. You just had bad luck the other night.

As for organ, the organ is the second-wobbliest instrument. (wavers up and down from any pitch) Saxophone is the worst. (or else the other way around). Whether it's the worst or the second-worst, it is no surprise you cannot sing in tune with an organ.

I hope you next gig goes better. Take a tuner.

I have a question for you - were those guitars really out of tune, or were they playing the wrong chords?