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Posted By: Anne Lister
28-Feb-15 - 08:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: Maddening phone call surveys
Subject: RE: BS: Maddening phone call surveys
I can say from lengthy experience that asking for our number to be removed from their lists doesn't work. Often the excuse is that the lists have been sold on several times, and so they literally can't do it - and another thing that doesn't work is explaining that we're (a) ex-directory and (b) on the Telephone Preferences List. BT told us the only thing they could suggest was for us to have a new number entirely, or for every incoming call to be vetted by them. As I have a frail father in a nursing home who finds making calls difficult at the best of times (but I wouldn't want to stop him calling) this isn't an option. And as having had a new number two years ago has simply changed the name of the person the persistent callers call to speak to I'm sceptical of that solution as well.
I have, in my time, worked at a call centre making calls to elicit charitable donations. I know what it's like from the other side, too, but at least that was for a good cause whereas the calls I'm finding objectionable are the ones just for profit, or to gain control of a computer. Or the ones that simply won't go away.