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Posted By: Anne Lister
28-Feb-15 - 05:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: help - I am starting to panic
Subject: RE: BS: help - I am starting to panic
You can't know for certain, but before bailiffs are instructed to kick anyone's door down they do have to establish that they're kicking the right door down. And if the individual hasn't been traced or contacted by post at this address it's unlikely anyone will regard the postal address as valid.
DBS checks are carried out in the name of the person concerned, using name, date of birth, NI number and so on. Not for the address.

Please try to stop panicking and creating fresh worries for yourself. Go and visit a CAB if there's one in your area or spend a bit of money on a solicitor (many these days will do a free initial consultation and that may well be all it will take) if you're not convinced by what we're saying here. You are not the perpetrator of the speeding offence, you didn't own the car and you're not the person named in the summons. They really can't make you guilty of this.