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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
02-Mar-15 - 03:35 PM
Thread Name: I need some honest advice
Subject: RE: I need some honest advice
weird one!

I think John from Kensing touches on several issues.

i'm not totally sure of this business of sending out videos, unless specifically asked for is a great idea. i got someone to video me doing a gig when the agent asked specificallyto see me doing certain songs and telling stories. it worked in that case. i worked for him for two years - then i got fed up with paying him!

i'm not sure a scattergun approach is the way to go = who knows what the agent is needing or thinking about that week. with agents, you need to be the answer to their prayers - someone they can use - its how the business works. take the stage - or the german equivalent - study what the buggers want.

what John from K says is very true. working as you have al will give you the confidence bottle and presence of mind that will be useful in other jobs.

anyway - my thoughts, its not a question of playing real folk music, looking like Brad Pitt, or being the greatest musician 'with something really unique to offer'. only civilians believe that shit.

its more a case of finding a likely avenue for your talents. tweaking your talent to make it fit the bill. and getting a foot on the ladder. Carthy and Mac Coll started out that that way. that's why they played skiffle initially . only the plonkers think they were sent down by heaven.