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Posted By: Thompson
03-Mar-15 - 01:08 PM
Thread Name: I need some honest advice
Subject: RE: I need some honest advice
Hm. A thought for you, Alan, if you don't mind listening patiently to someone with absolutely no expertise in this :)

I wonder whether you might be able (as Mr Red suggests) to get together with a student videographer, and do a gently funny routine against a cheery background, which could be used in schools as an entertaining add-on to the grammar classes in English?

If it's out of copyright, for instance, and if anyone can offer you the tune, you could use this:


l'm taught P-L-O-U-G-H
Shall be pronounced "PLOW"
"Zat's easy when you know", I say
"Mon anglais I'll get THROUGH".

My teacher say zat in zat case O-U-G-H is "oo"
And then I laugh and say to him
"Zees anglaise make me COUGH".
He say "Not coo, but in zat word O-U-G-H is "off".

O sacrebleu ! Such varied sound
Of words make me HICCOUGH.
He say, "Again my friend is wrong ; O-U-G-H is "up"

In hiccough "Zen", I cry, "No more,
You make my throat feel ROUGH".
"Non, non", he cry, "you are not right, O-U-G-H is "uff".

I say, "I try to speak your words,
I can't pronounce them, THOUGH.
"In time you'll learn, but now you're wrong; O-U-G-H is "owe"

"I'll try no more, I shall go mad,
I'll drown me in the LOUGH".
"But before you drown yourself", said he, O-U-G-H is "ock".

He taught no more ! I held him fast
And killed him with a ROUGH.

Auteur: Charles Battell Loomis