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Posted By: GUEST
05-Mar-15 - 02:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: Maddening phone call surveys
Subject: RE: BS: Maddening phone call surveys

Today my wife received a call on which a man gave the usual patronising intro pleasantries and then he told her that he knew that she had a problem with her ear.

My wife has been attending hospital recently with a problem with her ear.

When she asked him who he was and where he got the information he just hung up.

Now.....was this just a huge co-incidence or is this firm somehow obtaining personal and private medical information from somewhere??

We have told anyone that she is a problem with her ear, nor is she on the internet or anything that could have been hacked.

Should we alert the hospital and/or our doctor.????

Or is "Mystic Meg" at work????