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Posted By: Stu
11-Mar-15 - 08:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Subject: RE: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Clarkson reminds me of one of those bullies at school who was always on the periphery of the gang of year toughs but wasn't accepted by them. The bully always had a witty admirer under his wing to do his bidding (snitching etc) and give him a sense of importance as the admirer constantly fawned over him.

These bullies would never take on anyone that could beat them, and for folk like me in the lower social/educational strata they made our lives a misery. All the lads and girls in our class who were crap at sports because we were too skinny and weak (me), fat (my mate), weren't very academic, undiagnosed dyslexics, gay, struggled with learning or had any other of the myriad of character/physical traits that drew the ire of this sort of person were constantly and continually bullied through school. Then one day one of these bullies would push someone too far and one of us would hit them and we were left alone . . . until we were caught alone at some point later. We laughed at them for their one-dimensionality and stupidity, but we feared them for sure.

Ultimately people like Clarkson are mediocrities. Outwardly funny, capable of pulling off some good (if rather obvious) pranks but actually a seriously insecure individual whose only way of coping with his issues is by taking it out on others and constantly drawing attention of himself. They actually contribute little to wider society and give the appearance they couldn't care less about it when the rely on it for everything that makes them who they are.

He's one of many of these types in the media and wider establishment (see UKIP/Tories?Labour/LibDems for starters). A boorish, insecure and ultimately one-dimensional mediocrity that constantly seeks approval for his immature and sadly pathetic character.

Top Gear has been utter shite for many, many years.