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Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Fox on the Run (Tony Hazzard)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Fox on the Run (Tony Hazzard)
In the Bluegrass Songbook by Peter Wernick, Oak Publications, the lyrics given are very similar to those given by Cluin on 27 Jan 2011. (Ferrara referred to this in 1999 and gave an explanation of Paradise's Hall referring to the Garden of Eden, which I agree with)).

It's shown as copyright 1968 Mann Music Publishers Limited of 29/31 Oxford Street London W1 England. All rights for United States of America and Canada controlled by Dick James Music, Inc., 119 West 57th Street, New York, 10019. Permission was granted to reprint the lyrics only, not the tune:

Fox on the Run

Tony Hazzard

Medium tempo

She walked through the corn leading down to the river
Her hair shone like gold in the hot morning sun.
She took all the love that a poor boy could give her
And left me to die like the fox on the run
Like the fox (like the fox, like the fox) on the run.

Everybody knows the reason for the fall
When woman tempted man down in paradise's hall.
This woman tempted me, alright, then took me for a ride
But like the lonely fox, I need a place to hide

Come take a glass of wine and fortify your soul
We'll talk about the world and friends we used to know.
I'll illustrate, a girl who put me on the floor
The game is nearly up, the hounds are at my door.

Tony Hazzard has his own website at Tony Hazzard