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14-Mar-15 - 03:53 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Little Potato (Malcolm Dalglish/Metamora)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: LITTLE POTATO (Malcolm Dalglish)
Thanks for the lyrics Emily! I put the changes to it tonight as I hear them. The very end is missing a few but my little potato woke up and now I have to go to sleep. Enjoy!

Little Potato: by Metamora

Hammer Dulcimer Interlude: Am, G, C, G

NC       C             F
You're my little potato
          C            G
You're my little potato
You're my little potato,
    F       G                     C    C7Add4/F C
they dug you up You come from underground

             Am            G                   C    G
The world is big,       So big;      It's very big.
    Am            G                      C    G
To you,    It's new;             It's new to you.

Interlude solo!
Let's talk about root crops (they dug you up)
And lamb chops (they chew on you)
    A7       D7
And things to eat
Like apples and cheese and 'nanas and cream, and jellies and butter.
      B               E                B                E    A A7 D7 G7
It's late at night, I hope this little bottle helps you go to sleep...

               F         G
They must have grown you wild
          F         G
To make a grown man-child;
            F            G
I'll go and play in the mud
          F       G
To be with you, my spud;
             F       G
Potato, when you came out
       F       G
Looking red as a beet,
         Bb                            G7
You had wrinkles on the bottoms of your feet.

Whoa, oh oh now,

You are so sweet, potato
2nd Chorus: (same chords as Chorus)

You're my sweet potato

You're my sweet potato, dug you up

You come from underground

Verse 2
You smile,    A smile,    A little smile.
The world is small,
So small
It's very small

Interlude 2x
C          F    (sim...)
You're my little potato
You're my little potato
You're my little potato...