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Posted By: Mysha
14-Mar-15 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: Anachronisms in lyrics
Subject: RE: Anachronisms in lyrics

Jesus Christ Superstar, judged by the details in the movie, is about a group of 20th century people playing the passion. Thus, the anachronisms are part of the plot. I don't know whether that's true for the play, as I've only ever seen the film version. (Then again, I've noticed differences between the soundtracks, but I couldn't say whether the lyrics of the play have less anachronisms or not.)

Most of Christmas in the Trenches is apparently set in 1916, recalling the events of Christmas 1914. In the last, short verse, the speaker again introduces himself, which suggests that verse is not part of the same conversation. It's apparently much later, as he reflects not just on WWI, but at what it has taught him (and as he doesn't call the events "The Great War").

Maybe in the mean time, after the war, he went to college, and picked up "soccer" and "rugger"; quite common at the time I believe. "Gas clouds", I expect, may be any large amount of smoke not caused by open fire. Don't know about "rocky ground"; it sounds like it's ground with stones in it, which would probably exist where the front crossed river beds. I don't know the British positions, though.