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Posted By: GUEST,Shimrod (the Gas Pedant)
25-Mar-15 - 10:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Subject: RE: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
"I have probably read or viewed more evolutionist propaganda ..."

You still haven't cited any references, pete.

Let's, though, examine that word "propaganda". In my dictionary it means:

"Information, ideas or rumours deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation etc."

So who, exactly, is spreading information, ideas or rumours about evolutionary biology? And how, exactly, do they benefit from this activity? Further, as it is now virtually impossible to untangle evolutionary biology from the rest of modern science, is modern science one gigantic (anti-religious?) conspiracy? If it is, are you seriously suggesting that governments and organisations, throughout the world, routinely spend billions of their currency units on a vast conspiracy? Who would benefit from such madness?