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Posted By: GUEST,Shimrod (the Gas Pedant)
25-Mar-15 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Subject: RE: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
" ... yes the sons must have married their sisters. healthwise, that would have been no problem as genetic entrophy [think that's right] had not developed."

Hhhhmmm?? Very ... sort of ... vaguely ... technical sounding ... but complete and utter bullshit!! What the f***k does it mean??

"I have seen some dawkins and co on tv and u tube. I even read some of origins ..."

Oh, so you're very well versed in the literature of evolutionary biology then! I should have a go at quantum physics next - I'm sure you'll be able to find a good video on U-tube!

" ... as to propaganda, I was probably using the word more loosely ..."

You mean, you didn't actually know what it meant until I told you? But you thought that it sounded bad so using it might put "evolutionism" in a bad light?

"I would say that much of what does harm and degrade society is compatible with evolutionary belief, though I would stop short of claiming universal, intentional harming."

At this point I am struggling to find anything meaningful to say about that load of deranged gibberish. Help! Evolutionists have stolen my wheely bin and cause cancer! Help!