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Posted By: GUEST,pete from seven stars link
26-Mar-15 - 03:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Subject: RE: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
ok stu, how do you do repeatable, observable, testable scientific method on the distant past ?. I don't remember nye being able answer that, so maybe you can help him out !. have you got a time machine ?!.    steve as usual making assertions based on consensus without the benefit of any other reasoned argument. go on steve, show us some evolution !.
point taken #, but in fact atheists are increasingly organizing themselves, and even doing conferences. and I don't think organizing charitable concerns are high on the agenda, though granted individuals may well be involved in such. regards to you too.
greg...yes there is, and you are a classic case of one its adherents.
steve does at least have it right ,that evolutionism is an attack on the bible, but he wilfully refuses to examine the evidence ,or even offer evidence for his own belief, other than assertions and appeal to consensus.