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Posted By: Barry Finn
03-Sep-98 - 09:57 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Androids (Ewan MacColl)
Subject: RE: Missing Lyr. to MacColl/Seeger's Androids?
Hi Moira, I haven't tried e-mail but I've been to her site often & she's says hopefully a song book of theirs/hers/his ? will be out this month, so I'll be keeping a weather eye out & peeling the other eye till I get sight of it (how bad can I get?), thanks. How's yellowknife country doing you must be getting close to winter by now, no? I didn't realize how far north you were except from somethings you mention here & there in the threads, I'm gonna have to find someone who knows of someone who might know where I can get a map of the top of the world. Years ago I heard Ron Thomson (sp?) of the Dry Branch Fire Squad tell a story about looking for Ralph Stanley, after traveling in the car as far as possible thought miles of backwoods country the pavement ended (good thing for 4 wheel) & he continued on, 4 wheels, through progressively rougher terrain, then having to stop & continue on 2 feet for what seemed to be an uphill eternity, as the path got narrower he saw Ralph's mailbox 2 miles below the cliff where Ralph's house stood. Finally getting to the porch he sees a note pinned to the door "Gone to the country, Ralph". Ralph must've been visiting you. May the warm weather last. Barry