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Posted By: gnu
03-Apr-15 - 08:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: River monsters
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I got a pic from another Labrador trip somewhere. It's a pic of a 40 ouscer of rum next to a trout. The bottle looks SMALL. That was a hell of a trip. Flew 40 miles into Quebec on a Beaver. Stayed a day and a half at a log camp with the chinks missing. Had to smoke the camp to keep the skeeters out so we could sleep. SOBs took us there ILLEGALLY because they knew the PQ government had evacuated the area because of a forest fire. I had been close to forest fires before and I knew early the second day that we were in danger. When the pickup arrived, I had to swim out to the Beaver and latch a rope on to get the other guys out because the pilot couldn't get close enough to the "dock". Makes fer great stories but it wasn't fun at the time.

Shoulda not even gotten on it when it arrived to pick us up at the start and ran into shore because the rudder cable was broken. Buddy says, "No problem, me zon, me zon. Me young fellah will be back from the 'ardware store with new cable roight quick like". The lad came back with clothesline wire.

I nearly lost my life five times in Labrador... and I am not counting that fishing trip. That was just fun. Just another story.

By gosh! Let's here some fishing stories!