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Thread Name: Lyr Req: does your brown ale lose its flavour in
Subject: Lyr Add: THE DOWDY STREETS OF JARROW (Ed Pickford)
"Subject: Lyr Add: THE DOWDY STREETS OF JARROW (Ed Pickford)
From: GUEST,Ed Pickford
Date: 19 May 05 - 04:41 AM

Hi there this is Ed Pickford. Here are as many of the lyrics of The 'Dowdy Streets of Jarrow' I can remember. Feel free to organise them as you wish.

[A parody on the Dowy Dens of Yarrow]

There is a tale I'll sing about
A tale of grief and sorrow
About a girl from Felling Square
Who was courting strong in Jarrow

The lady went to see her da
And said that on the morrow
That she would wed that teddy boy
On in the dowdy street of Jarrow

Oh daughter dear my daughter dear
Why can't you find another?
Or you'll end up a right owld drudge
Like did your dear old mother

The brother called his gang to him
And said that on that morrow
That they would "do" that teddy boy
On the dowdy streets of Jarrow

The ted he walked up through the close
Where the streets are broad and narrow
And there he spied 9 Felling lads
Come to do him in - in Jarrow

Well there he flew and there he slew
And there he wounded saely
Til her brother John came in beyond
And licked him most unfairly

His belt lay round his bleeding fist
He was beaten to a shadow
And there he lay all broken and torn
On the dowdy streets of Jarrow

He called his lady unto him
To ease his grief and sorrow
But she's found another at the Drill Hall dance
While he lies dead in Jarrow

You can find more of my stuff if you type 'Ed Pickford' into a search engine. I did not include the parody in my songbook.
Best wishes always
Ed Pickford"