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11-Apr-15 - 05:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Subject: RE: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Stu, as far as written records are concerned , there is one, and I would not expect many more, seeing as the judgment of God swept all except 8 away in judgment. There are however flood stories from around the world, including the Gilgamesh epic. But there are aural traditions from diverse locations,often with similarities to the biblical record.       Why would you expect mountain ranges that only sprung up in the flood yr to be recorded, certainly not by name.          As to erosion and weathering, it is hard to generalise, esp as I am not a geologist. However, I think that often what " you lot " put down to slow processes , creationist geologists put down to catastrophic phenomenon , and produce observational evidence to support that interpretation of the data.      I have reread you're your former post and can see now how I misunderstood you were claiming nothing, but rather expressing a hope that the problem will be ironed out,   Presumably validating your preference that soft tissue can be preserved multimillion yrs.   sorry you don't understand the problem with soft tissue preservation. I would have thought a " ten year old " would comprehend the problem. It is my understanding that observational science had always regarded such preservation as impossible, and it was only the confirming of said phenomenon that caused evolutionists to search for some mechanism that will validate their deep time belief. But presumably we can at least agree that such mechanism has not been found, and that the under wraps new dino find is unlikely to alter that.   I don't know what the declassification of brontosaurus has to do with it !.       Sedimentary layers were laid down in the flood year. And I don't think I see what you are asking. I had formerly discussed how I understood how the geologic column , if we grant that there is such, was laid down. Ie, that there is a general order, but which is rearranged from time to time as the need arises to maintain the paradigm.   I am glad to see you don't see faith as a problem to being scientific, but if the creationist model is extremist, that don't mean it is wrong. You are merely expressing an opinion until you can demonstrate otherwise. And as to conforming ,you can hardly accuse creationists of that !. Rather it is the evolutionist that is following the herd.                      And yes I did write poetry, before going on to songwriting. Glad you like it !