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Posted By: akenaton
12-Apr-15 - 04:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Subject: RE: BS: BBC v. Jeremy Clarkson.
Raggytash, it seems to me that one of Keith's main purposes here is not to defend points which are patently true in any case, but to point out the deliberate lies and distortions propagated by "Team Musket". In doing so Keith is in fact doing a service to the whole forum, for if this behaviour is allowed to continue unopposed, we shall have no forum at all.

I commend Keith for his doggedness in this matter, as myself and others are continually lied about by "TM" and I have neither the time nor the inclination at present, to point them out over and over again.

For one thing, and I think you may be able to agree with me here, three or four people should not be allowed to post under the one handle, as it confuses debate and wrecks serious discussion of important issues.

"TM" have admitted that it is a vehicle for "piss taking".
I think it is pretty obvious to most members why these people are here and what the wrecking tactics are all you and the rest of the membership wish to see obscenities and abuse replace reasoned debate?....I don't really think so, put small personal slights aside and see the bigger picture....Ake.