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Posted By: ripov
14-Apr-15 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: Notation app... way cool
Subject: RE: Notation app... way cool
> Jack, the literature says musicxml or midi, and mp3 or wav. I presume you would like bmp, which is probably the most intuitive graphics format, having no compression or encoding.   No mention of printed output but most programmes have a "print" menu item, so I guess you could probably use one of those pdf drivers like Doro. I can't imagine this is different.
A lot of folkies seem to use those little what I call "slate pc's" for words and music at sessions, so it could be a welcome addition to their abilities if it's any good.

There is a "con spirito" discussion (ie with a modicum of inter manufacturer rivalry) with lots of information at sibelius blog which seems to cover good and bad points fairly well. It's encouraging to see the numbers of people commenting there and especially viewing the staffpad homepage.

It does appear that the programme (a better categorisation than "app". which appears to be what microsoft calls an internet shortcut, which used to live in the "favorites" folder if you weren't bothered about security) still has some shortcomings and requires a bit more work.

> Leadfingers - no, reading doesn't help you remember! I can (or rather could, in a previou sincarnation) sight read almost anything. But take away the dots and I couldn't even remember what note it started on! YOU have not only the ability to remember the tunes, but the (not universal either) ability to choose the right chords!