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Posted By: Penny S.
28-Apr-15 - 06:13 AM
Thread Name: What exactly is Morris dancing?
Subject: RE: What exactly is Morris dancing?
This was at a deliberately multi-cultural event in a hall in Dartford, in which the multi bit was only the Sikhs and the British/Irish. (There are other ethnicities in the area than those, but they didn't seem to be involved.) The Sikhs get involved with much that is going on, so when I said "our" I meant to include them in "us" as in "the local people" rather than being possessive. It happened some time ago, so I cannot be specific about whether the dance is still being performed or not. The younger people have been doing Bhangra when they perform in assembly at school.

The ages of the group that performed was about the same as the ages performing Morris, though perhaps with fewer at the upper age range. They were wearing brightly coloured silks, and, as I said, I noticed that the form of the dance was similar to Morris. But it was some time ago, and I can't be more specific than that.