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Posted By: Jim Dixon
28-Apr-15 - 08:20 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Lay Down in Sorrow (Pharis & Jason Romero
Subject: Lyr Add: LAY DOWN IN SORROW (Pharis & Jason Romero
Here's how I hear it, via Spotify:

As sung by Pharis & Jason Romero on "A Passing Glimpse" (2011)

1. The softest words that I'll ever hear
Were ones you said to me:
"No love will live while I am here,
Alone in old Missouri."

CHORUS: Lay down in sorrow; lay down and weep.
Lay down with God as you feel.
Lay down in sorrow; lay down and weep.
You will deliver yourself.

2. Now I am both sorrowed and glad.
It's I am bad for you,
And God has said that you are for me,
So lay down as prayers would do. CHORUS

3. When I die on the loneliest night,
Close my eyes with a nickel or dime.
I won't have used all the love that I could
For the waiting I want you for mine. CHORUS

TAG: Lay down in sorrow; lay down and weep,
And you will deliver yourself.