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Posted By: Jack Campin
29-Apr-15 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Political correctness
Subject: RE: BS: Political correctness
Most of what the press in the UK pick up on as 'political correctness', especially from the public sector, seems to me to reflect not 'progressive ideals' but the opposite - people who are not sure what might be "considered offensive, discriminatory, or judgmental" using silly vocabulary to be on the safe side. The 'we are not allowed to say that any more' crowd.

That's just a refinement of the same reactionary ideological programme. Genuinely progressive initiatives to counter insult, aggression and discrimination against non-elite groups are identified with self-serving attempts by public sector bureaucrats to make themselves even less accountable than they already are by making any challenge to their authority into a game of Simon Says.

And the reactionary myth-mongers (people like James Delingpole) typically hype up "we aren't allowed to say that any more" into heights of delusional unreality, inventing prohibitions that never existed or twisting an unexceptionable challenge to authority into some sort of Inquisition. Siano's article describes the process as it operated 20 years ago and the strategy hasn't changed.