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29-Apr-15 - 12:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: election uk
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I suppose with statistics there needs to be agreement on the parameters of surveys, and agreed time frames. I have no doubt that our standard of living is higher than our parents. It is also our experience that our kids want today what it took my generation years to attain. There are undoubtably far more out of work than there were when we were younger, but unfortunately the success of media marketing, and general dissatisfaction, together with an entitlement mindset , mean that even though they cannot afford it , too many still spend lots on mobile phones and suchlike, and order takeaways instead of preparing cheaper meals. I remember that when I was on low wages or out of work we were more careful with money. That is our experience, but if yours is different, it may balance out ours.    I very much doubt though if the very poorest in the world are doing better. I suspect that many are doing worse.