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Posted By: Teribus
30-Apr-15 - 12:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: election uk
Subject: RE: BS: election uk
Ah Stevie:

1: "why are you "better off" if you own your home? Because Thatcher sold off all except the rubbish council houses, cheap, that's why."

EHM Stevie, you are better off if you own your own home primarily because everything you then spend on accommodation you are in effect spending to your benefit, your mortgage repayments mean that you are acquiring an asset that is yours, you are not just handing money to someone else (i.e. Rent).

Town and City Councils could no longer afford the upkeep of their Council Housing Stock and they were rapidly falling into ruin creating new slums.

If selling such property off to those former tenants who wished to purchase the homes they had lived in for years was such a bad idea, why was the practice not halted when Liebour took over in 1997? Note your list of Prime Minister magically absolves Blair and Brown. Talking about selling stuff off cheap - Gordon of Cartoon could give Master-Classes at it.

2: "Tell that to the disabled people driven off benefits"

Does that include the "Ooooh me back, its me back Doctor"-types who are then given disability benefits and a blue badge and their next appearance in public is in a Crown Court charged with bilking the State for tens of thousands?

3: "those down the food bank"

Ah you'll be telling us all that the food banks and feeding over one million people a year next - hope you don't because that would be a lie wouldn't it. Food Banks are an emergency safety net, and they are used as such they are not the sole source of food for many, if any at all, according to the Trussell Trust issue of more than two three day food packs to any one individual throughout the course of a year is uncommon.

4: Living without job security - describes my working life from 1972 until 2001, but then Stevie-boy, I have always started looking for my next job early, I have been prepared to shift companies, working locations worldwide and take on what jobs were on offer. I also invested in myself to gain the skill-set that was going to be required to keep myself in work - didn't just sit back demanding a job on my doorstep, then mope about moaning about it all being someone else's fault and someone else's responsibility.

Get some sort of sense of perspective/proportion those on "Zero-hour contracts represent less than 3% of all those working in the UK? If such contracts did not exist they would be out of work.

You really are a clown, aren't you?