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Posted By: Teribus
30-Apr-15 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: election uk
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You described your son as working for less than £400 per week, so it is close to that. Considering the packages that have been on offer for first time home owners neither yourself or your son could have tried very hard.

You say you were better off 36 years ago than he is today

1: Were you the same age as he was?
2: He works for the local council you say, who did you work for?
3: Your skill-set and your job was? Did you work for the council like he does?
4: What is his work ethic? what was yours?

You are comparing two specific cases I am speaking in general, you are therefore comparing apples to oranges. I will stand by what I said previously:

"In general people are far better off today than they were 36 years ago, and most certainly better off than they were 60 years ago."