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Posted By: Teribus
30-Apr-15 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: election uk
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Ah but as a lawyer Bridge you should know perfectly well that tax avoidance is perfectly legal, understandable and sensible - everyone should do it. You should also know that tax evasion is illegal. So how much of your £150 billion is legal avoidance and what portion of it is illegal tax evasion? The Government are the ones that make the rules governing tax, which makes them complicit in any case of tax avoidance - true? Any idea where the Kinnock's got their £millions, or the Blair's for that matter.

Stevie-boy stop spluttering, there's a good chap, benefit fraud that the authorities know about amounted to - what about the freeloaders they have yet to detect.

Bonzo just on inflation you are now working for one-tenth of what you were earning in 1975 and as the costs of damn near everything that needed to live in 1975 has gone up by 831.67% - I'd say that you should have starved to death sometime in the 1980s - you could of course have been a multi-millionaire in 1975, you could of course have been a man of independent means with no need to live off your wages, or you could of course just be bullshitting.