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Posted By: Steve Shaw
30-Apr-15 - 06:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: election uk
Subject: RE: BS: election uk
I'm a patient man, Billyboy, so let me repeat. The government pursues benefit fraud (and pursuing it is a very popular pursuit now that Duncan-Smith has groomed the public) with enthusiasm and vehemence. Yet they can find less than one percent fraud. Google benefit fraud and see how they'd like us all to snoop on each other. Yet less than one percent, eh? Cor. All those claimants making the bankers and tax evaders look like they're nicking Spangles from Woolies! And you call me a clown...

Akenaton, go and have another six pints. Don't forget it's only Friday tomorrow, so you have to get up. Maybe things will look clearer to you in the morning.