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01-May-15 - 07:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: election uk
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So, I am called a liar, then interestingly Mr Teribus doesn't want to enter into further conversation perhaps he knows there is no answer to my son's dilemma but hasn't got the guts to admit it as it undermines his view of poverty in the UK today.

1. How the hell can my son save when the money he earns is barely enough to cover the expenses of living.

2. Very little opportunity for training in his particular field and neither is he academically inclined.

3. Move and get a job elsewhere,why do I think of Norman Tebbitt at this point.

4. Far too personal

5. It's not a requirement to have 40% as a deposit, the bank will only lend £98,000, not enough for any kind house round here.