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Posted By: Musket
01-May-15 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: election uk
Subject: RE: BS: election uk
Our ego's what? Learn to write eh?

There are lots of valid points. You however have a knack of twisting everything to fit your somewhat unfortunate opinion of millions of people who don't deserve your hatred.

I would like this thread to be about the election and carry on, but it isn't easy to debate whilst you and the two idiots who see immigrants under the bed insist on going further than giving opinions and dragging up porkies to undermine others. I have no problem with Keith and his mate being right wing reactionary bigots, there are clearly many like them, but they shout down valid views. Are you meaning them when you complain?

Why do they do it?

Obviously because they lack conviction in what they type. You however could end up with a conviction if there is any justice in the world. I note that someone has just been given a suspended sentence and had to pay huge costs after Stonewall complained to the police over homophobic tweets.

Keep going. I'm looking for more properties to turn into holiday rents and last year bought my first Argylle property.