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Posted By: GUEST,Doug Gifford
06-May-15 - 07:52 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Jean and Dinah (Mighty Sparrow)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Jean and Dinah (Mighty Sparrow)
I think the last line should be: "No more hotel to rest your head, By the sweat of thy brow thou shall be bred."

My recording -- might be the original 78, is as follows:

Jean & Dinah
Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) 1956

Well, the girls in town feeling bad, no more Yankees in Trinidad.
They goin' to close down the base for good, Them girls have to make out how they could.
Brother, it is now they park up in town, In for a penny, and in for a pound,
Believe me it's competition for so, Trouble in the town when the price drop low.

   (So when you bounce up) Jean and Dinah, Rosita and Clementina,
   Round the corner posin', bet your life it's somethin' they sellin',
   And when you catch 'em broke, you can get 'em all for nothin',
   Don't make no row, the Yankee gone and Sparrow take over now.

Things bad is to hear them cry, not a sailor in town, the nightclubs dry,
Only West Indians like me or you, go in to get a drink or two.
And as we have things back in control ah seekin' revenge with me heart and soul,
Brother when ah spread the news around is to see how them cavemen come in to town
(Just to meet Miss) Jean and Dinah… chorus

It's the glamour boys again, we are going to rule Port-of-Spain,
No more Yankees to spoil the fete, Dorothy has to take what she get,
All of them who used to make style, they makin' two shilling for a smile,
No more hotel to rest your head, by the sweat of thy brow thou shall be bred.
(Mama youse) Jean and Dinah… chorus