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Posted By: Joe Offer
04-Sep-98 - 02:46 PM
Thread Name: tech: HTML Ampersand Codes
Subject: RE: LYR ADD: Wild Rover (No Nay Never)
Hi, Andreas -
I've known about those ampersand codes for quite some time. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, ya know.... ;-)
I used to use the codes you suggest to tell people how to post lyrics with line breaks, but I found that several people posted lyrics with &ltbr &gt at the end of each line.
Mary had a little lamb&ltbr&gt
Whose fleece was white as snow&ltbr&gt
And everywhere that Mary went&ltbr&gt
The lamb went the other way&ltbr&gt
That kept me puzzled for a long, long time. Apparently, there are some browsers that don't interpret those ampersand codes correctly, and then the display tricks don't work. In frustration, I gave up and started using square brackets in my examples, along with the long-winded explanation of enclosing HTML tags in angle brackets. Maybe I'll try the ampersand codes again and see if maybe people have upgraded their browsers. The codes work just fine in the 4.0 editions of both MSIE and Netscape, but I think some people are still on version 1.356. Thanks for trying to help, though.
-Joe Offer-