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Posted By: Will Fly
13-May-15 - 04:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Rant... why don't people speak properly?
Subject: RE: BS: Rant... why don't people speak properly?
Language and the speaking of it changes constantly, and one main problem with that change is knowing whether to try and fight it, or whether to accept it - gracefully or otherwise.

The word "decimate" has been used in a wrong sense for many years now - "wrong" in that the original meaning of "to decimate" was to destroy 1 in every 10. Now it's more usually used in the sense of destroy the majority - say 9 in every 10. But you knew that, of course. Am I bothered? Well... irritated, I suppose, but resigned.

However, I must be very old fashioned because I'm also irritated by the modern way "research" is pronounced in the UK. The most common way now is "REE-search" - as opposed to the 'correct' and original "re-SEARCH". Similarly, I'm irritated by people who say "for-MID-able" - as opposed to "FOR-midable".

Sad, innit?