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Posted By: Jim Dixon
14-May-15 - 04:09 PM
Thread Name: Help: Know Any Fishing Songs???
Subject: Lyr Add: FISHERMAN'S LUCK (from Dixon Brothers)
You can hear this on YouTube:

As sung by The Dixon Brothers, 1937.

One day I went a-fishin' and I used a frog for bait.
I slung it in the water and I pulled me out a snake.
I had me a bottle o' moonshine to keep me feeling right.
You should have been a-watchin'; well, it was an awful sight.

I pulled his mouth wide open and I poured some whiskey in,
And then I turned that snake a-loose and I used my frog again.
I caught me a great big jackfish, but one thing I did hate:
That doggone greedy pounder(?) had gobbled down my bait.

I then got busy thinking, and I got to feeling blue.
I could not find another frog and I didn't know what to do.
I soon got tired of thinking and I leaned against a tree.
I was calmly smoking when something come to me.

It touched me on the shoulder; I looked around to see,
That doggone water rattler had come to trade with me.
Frogs I think a dozen, he brought them to the bank,
There where I was a-fishin', to trade them in for drink.

The frogs was all around me; the snake coiled(?) on the ground.
He smiled and winked his eye at me and he drank my whiskey down.
Now this will end my story; that rattler headed south.
He crawled away so happy with my bottle in his mouth.

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