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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
16-May-15 - 09:23 PM
Thread Name: Remember Les Cousins, in London's Soho?
Subject: RE: Remember Les Cousins, in London's Soho?
i think i prefer it that we disappear into history.

i can connect with nobody on the subject - the idealism, the love of music, the bohemian style of the artists, the brilliance of individual musicians, the individuality of the of approach.....there was no one Cousins style.

its all gone. it never had much interest or recognition from the adult world. it was a young persons adventure...

and we are old now....

there is a thing in John Donne's Nocturnal on St Lucie's Eve. Somehow the old bereaved lover shows young lovers the graveyard, and of course what he's trying to say is incommunicable.

it was our youth, our ideals and now its gone. gone forever. it was the glamour of youth that made it special. and now we are old.

rhythm and blues nowadays is the pussy cat dolls. folk music is the transatlantic sessions - aly blain smirking away for fifteen minutes to a circle of fellow traddies. its all gone.