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Posted By: gnu
17-May-15 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rant... why don't people speak properly?
Subject: RE: BS: Rant... why don't people speak properly?
I was interrupted four times in a debate a few weeks ago. Finally, I said, paraphrasing, "Look. This is how a conversation works. One person talks and the other person listens until the person talking has made a point(s) or asked a question(s). Then, the other person talks and questions while being fucking listened to. If you interrupt me one more time, then this is NOT a conversation and I will simply walk away you rude, ignorant and arrogant fuck. Do you understand me? That is a simple question and I yield the floor to you."

Honestly, sometimes ya just gotta tell em in a language they might understand.

Yes, that is off topic from the OP but hey, par for the course innit?