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Posted By: GUEST,Annette
25-May-15 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: Scottish Emigrant Songs
Subject: RE: Scottish Emigrant Songs
Does anyone know either of these songs? I them both on a faded scrap of paper written in beautiful copperplate script.

The day comes stealin' on , my love
That I maun part frae thee
For I maun cross the sunny line
An' far oot ower the sea
To seek for fortunes favours
I must wander far awa'
Far frae my native hills and glens
In Caledonia

My memory fond hangs ower the scene
O' childhoods early days
Where gleesome blythe an' free frae care
I ran aboot the braes
But noo I maun seek ither scenes
An' gang an' leave it a'
An' bid fareweel to thee my love
An' Caledonia

Can I forget the flowery dell
Where first ye owned your love
An' where I promised to be true
By Him who reigns above
I'll ne'er forget that happy hour
As lang's I've breath to draw
But still remember thee my love
An' Caledonia

When I upon a foreign shore
A bonnie flower shall see
I'll turn my thoughts to hame again
An' think my love o' thee
An' o' the hallowed dell my love
Where gowans sweetly blaw
An' heave a longing sigh for thee
An' Caledonia

Or when I lanely wander ower
The dreary waste sae wide
I'll mind upon the happy days
When I was by thy side
An' when I gaze oot ower the sea
That rolls atween us twa
I'll drap a tear for thee my love
An' Caledonia

Fareweel my love an' cherish hope
That yet the day may come
That gentle breezes ower the sea
May waft the wanderer home
When fate relenting bids nae mair
An ocean 'tween us flaw
Then I'll return again to thee
An' Caledonia
* * *

Oh dinna grieve for me my love
Tho' I maun gang frae thee
To wander in a foreign land
Across yon raging sea
For tho' fortune bids us sever
It's only for a time
An' we'll baith be a' the happier
When I come hame

When I come hame, When I come hame
We'll baith be a' the happier
When I come hame

The love that canna bide to part
It isna love ava
True love is aye the strongest when
The loved ane's far awa'
An' tho' I be far awa'
I will mind thee still the same
An' love will be the sweeter love
When I come hame (Chorus)

When wanderin' ower yon distant hills
I feel the weight o' care
When troubles gather 'round me
An' hardships press me sair
It will nerve me for the struggle
In yonder foreign clime
To think upon the pleasures love
When I come hame (Chorus)

O happy happy hae I been
Enraptured wi' thy charms
An' happy yet I hope to be
Enfaulded in thine arms
Twa-three years will soon gang by
An' we'll baith be in our prime
An' I'll woo my lassie ower again
When I come hame (Chorus)
O fortune yet may smile on me
When I am far awa'
An' then I will return again
An' gi'e to thee it a'
An' I'll get a bonnie butt an' ben
An' ye shall be its dame
For I'll wed my bonnie lassie
When I come hame (Chorus)