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Posted By: Joe Offer
27-May-15 - 12:43 AM
Thread Name: How To Sing With Power?
Subject: RE: How To Sing With Power?
I taught boating on a small lake in Wisconsin, and had to control twenty kids in boats with the power of my voice. It made me able to be loud without yelling.

Any job working with kids will help. If you yell, they won't listen. But if you're loud without yelling, they'll do exactly what you want them to do.

So, for me, developing the power of my voice was a matter of survival. Imagine yourself in an auditorium, and speak or sing normally (without straining or yelling) in a way that somebody in the last row can hear you without amplification. If you look at somebody in the back of the audience and direct your voice to that person, you will be amazed at how powerfully and clearly your voice can reach that person with very little effort on your part. It's all a matter of focus.